Mavericks Development Program

The USA Training Centers is proud to announce the formation of the USA Mavericks Development Program.  The program will focus on teaching and instructing 8U through 14U baseball players the fundamentals of baseball.  The USA Mavericks Development Program for 8U through 14U will incorporate all aspects of the USA Mavericks Club Program and emulate their Winter 2016/Spring 2017 USA Mavericks training program.  At the conclusion of the USA Mavericks Development Program, these players will carry their hard work and newly-acquired knowledge into their respective Cal Ripken and Little League programs. 

The USA Mavericks Development Proram will begin the first week of November 2016 and run through the end of March 2017.  USA Mavericks coaches and staff will administer the program.  Along with the speed and agility program, the cost of the program will be $850.