By Steve Craig

Posted Mar. 24, 2016
This article has been edited

EXETER — Exeter High School and USA Maverick sophomore second baseman Cody Morissette recently made a verbal commitment to accept Division I baseball scholarships.

Morissette, the son of David and Kristen Morissette of Exeter, announced his intention to attend Boston College, a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, via a Twitter post on Feb. 17.

Verbal commitments are not a guarantee for the player or the institution. Verbal commitments are the way a student-athlete essentially reserves his or her spot in a recruiting class. Students-athletes intending to play baseball can sign a binding National Letter of Intent no earlier than the fall of their senior year in high school. Morissette will have to wait until November of 2017. “The process for recruiting has sped up and decisions were supposed to be made and it felt right to go to Boston College,” Morissette said. “They’d invested time in me and I was just ready to go to BC when I made my decision. What I’m really looking forward to is now I can just enjoy high school sports, enjoy the high school experience and it’s just a relief to know where I’m going at this point.”

Morissette said he “really liked” the coaching staff led by sixth-year manager Mike Gambino, “loved” the campus, and is excited about the prospect of playing in the highly competitive ACC. He also realized playing in Chestnut Hill, MA, was a good fit for another reason. Morissette said he used to have a dream of playing college ball in the South. But in the process of looking at future destinations he came to realize he wanted to stay closer to home – so he could be home to watch his younger brother Josh, a strapping seventh-grader, play sports and so his supportive extended family could continue to watch him compete. “As we went through the process I realized I really wanted to share this experience with my family,” Morissette said. “They’re my biggest fans, my biggest supporters and I can’t thank them enough for that.”

Morissette is a multi-sport athlete who enjoys other sports but has known for a long time baseball was his first choice. Morissette, has started for the Exeter basketball team since his freshman season. His father was a long-time college basketball coach in the state, including 17-plus seasons at Rivier College in Nashua but Cody Morissette said he always felt more affinity for the diamond. His mother Kristen is Exeter’s softball coach. “I’ve loved baseball since I was 5 or 6 years old,” Morissette said. “It’s been a real passion my whole life.” “I think I got all my talent from my Mom,” Morissette added. “She’s still got the best swing in the family.”

Morissette honed his skills playing baseball with elite travel programs. Morissette has played for several seasons with the USA Mavericks Club program and last summer also played for the New Hampshire Bobcats. “My two coaches this summer, Kevin Gray (Bobcats) and Dave Hoyt (Mavericks), really put me in these tournaments and showcases and they just stuck by me,” Morissette said. “Dave Hoyt set up a workout in front of the Boston College coaches and that’s when things really took off. I actually play (American) Legion too with Dana Barbin. We had a great run with our Legion team and Coach Barbin helped me, too. And (Exeter High coach) Kevin McQueen definitely. There are so many people that have helped me out.”